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Puyallup Family Dentist Office

Quality Dental Care for the Entire Family

Accepting New Patients Ages 3 & Up

Are you looking for a new dentist that can provide quality dental care for your entire family? Want to find a dentist that your children look forward to?

Then look no further. BellaSmiles Dentistry in Puyallup specializes in providing quality dental care for the entire family. Plus, we like to focus on having fun with our patients. No one, especially kids, should dread going to the dentist. When you become a patient at BellaSmiles Family Dentistry the days of bribing your children to get their teeth cleaned vanish. Our team is no stranger to working hard and playing hard as we frequently have days such as Super-Hero Day and Disney Day at our office to make sure our patients not only get the best quality dental care but they also enjoy their visits to the dentist.

Family spending time together

Why Choose Us as Your Family Dentist?

  • We make dentist visits fun
  • We focus on developing long-lasting, trusting relationships with all of our patients
  • For patients who get anxious at the dentist, we offer pain-free, stress-free sedation dentistry
  • Free Invisalign consultations
  • Convenient hours – our hours range from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
  • We use only state-of-the-art dental technology
  • We offer discount dental plans for families that do not have dental insurance
  • We offer financing via CareCredit
  • We are a Preferred Provider for the following dental insurances:
Family of three smiling

We Offer Comprehensive Dental Treatments

Our team is highly trained in both general and cosmetic dentistry treatments so your family can get all of their dental care needs at one dental office. Some of our treatments include:

Contemporary. Caring. Consultative.

We are committed to providing your family with safe, gentle, high-quality dental care. Our goal is to provide quality, affordable dental care in a family-friendly, patient-oriented environment. We understand that you or a member of your family may be anxious about going to the dentist which is why we are happy to answer any questions you have before your new patient appointment. It’s also why we have a relaxed, calming office and like to focus on having fun with our patients – to take their minds away from any anxiety. We want to make sure every member of your family has a beautiful, healthy smile.

Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important for Your Family

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist every 6 months for a regular checkup. There are 2 parts to the regular checkup: dental exam and teeth cleaning. By getting a regular dental checkup scheduled for every member of your family you can help keep teeth and gums healthy as well as identify any dental issues early on when treatment is simpler and more affordable. Plus, regular checkups can prevent many dental problems from developing in the first place.

What Are Some Signs That I Need to Book a Dental Appointment for a Family Member?

While you should schedule a regular checkup every 6 months for each family member, below are some additional signs that you or your family member should schedule a visit with us.

  • Teeth are sensitive to hot or cold
  • There is pain or swelling in the mouth, face or neck
  • Consistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth
  • Frequent dry mouth
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Occasional popping of the jaw or it’s painful to open or close the jaw
  • Not happy with the appearance of teeth or smile
  • Gums are puffy and/or they bleed when brushing or flossing


$49 Comprehensive Exam & X-Rays
$49 Regular Dental Cleaning

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Exclusions apply – please call the office for details