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Cutting-Edge Dental Technology for Puyallup, WA, Patients

At BellaSmiles Dentistry’s state-of-the-art practice, we offer the latest in dental technology in order to achieve our goal of fostering patients’ optimal oral health and wellness. Modern dentistry tools and techniques have revolutionized the level of care that restorative and cosmetic dental treatments can provide, and at BellaSmiles Dentistry we take full advantage of what today’s science has to offer. Our dental team utilizes technology, including CEREC for single-visit dental treatments and digital X-rays, to provide our patients with the highest level of dental care.

Dr. Nigam developed his practice with patient comfort in mind. To make sure our treatments are as fast and comfortable as possible, this means adopting cutting-edge technology and pursuing constant education to stay updated on the most effective techniques, including digital radiography, laser cavity detection systems, and Waterlase lasers to further our approach to minimally invasive dentistry.

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CEREC One-Visit Restorative Dentistry

CEREC technology is a digital drawing tool that enables us to mold, produce, and insert individual 3-D ceramic restorations in a single visit, instead of sending a mold of your teeth to a lab and waiting for that lab to fabricate and mail the finished crowns back to our office.

And remember our special offer for new patients: Get $199 off in-house CEREC same-day crowns when you schedule an appointment with us!

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Galileos 3-D Digital X-rays

Galileos 3-D Digital X-ray system is the next generation of X-rays, delivering more than 200 final images in less than 20 seconds. The 3-D images allow our team to monitor bone health in your jaw and save the images for your permanent records.

Biolase WaterLase Hard Tissue Dental Laser

The WaterLase Tissue Dental Laser from Biolase is a multipurpose laser tool used to replace drills, scalpels, and other traditional elements of a dentist’s office that make some patients uncomfortable. WaterLase can clean implants, fine-tune impressions, and so much more with the precision only laser technology can provide.

Picasso Soft Tissue Dental Laser

The world’s top dental laser replaces old, manual tools and techniques for faster, more accurate oral surgery, teeth bleaching, periodontal disease treatment, and more. Our dental team is proud to offer these laser technologies not only as the best in oral healthcare but also as a great way to provide a faster, more comfortable experience for every patient.

We Make Dental Care Fun

There’s no reason that you should dread going to the dentist! While we take your family’s dental care seriously, we also like to make your dental visits an interesting and entertaining learning experience. We’re known not only for our superior dental care but also for hosting fun in-office events such as Super-Hero Day and Disney Day. It’s time you looked forward to going to the dentist with the quality general dental care you need from a dental team that makes your visits fun!


$49 Comprehensive Exam & X-Rays
$49 Regular Dental Cleaning

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