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Puyallup, WA, Dental Office Accepting Aetna

Choosing a dental insurance provider is a big decision for a family, and sometimes it feels confusing. BellaSmiles Dentistry is helping our patients schedule the oral healthcare they need with confidence, because our team proudly accepts dental coverage policies from most major national insurance providers, like Aetna. We are an Aetna Dental Savings Plan in-network provider, meaning that when you visit our office for dental exams and other treatments, you’ll be eligible for the full benefits you’re entitled to by your Aetna policy. If you have questions about what it means to be an in-network provider, just contact our dental team in Puyallup and our administrative staff can answer some common questions about billing your insurance company for your care.

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How to Use Your Aetna Dental Insurance

If you’d like to become an Aetna customer, you can visit the company website at to select the dental or comprehensive healthcare plan that describes your lifestyle and budget best. Aetna offers tailored plans for students, federal and private sector employees, individuals who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid, and more.

For individuals and families who are already insured by Aetna, you can view your full policy online to understand if dental care is covered and if so, which treatments. Bring your Aetna member card with the ID number to your first appointment with us to help you complete our new patient intake forms correctly. Our office can then send dental bills directly to Aetna so your insurance pays the amount covered by your plan, and you’ll pay any remaining amount. It’s that easy!

Why Choose Aetna?

Aetna’s convenient online customer platform makes it easier than ever to manage your oral and physical health all in one place. When you log in, you’ll be able to find the Puyallup BellaSmiles Dentistry location and details on the list of in-network providers nationwide. You can also find relevant forms to print, manage prescriptions, check your policy coverage and benefits, view your ID card and number, and contact Aetna directly with any questions that our dental office can’t answer without involving your insurance provider.

Please check with your specific Aetna plan to see if a particular service is covered under your personal or corporate policy. You can also contact our office directly to speak to our administrative staff about our accepted plans, or to make an appointment in- or out-of-network. We look forward to being your partner with Aetna to bring you the best healthcare possible.

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