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Dr. Himanshu Nigman

Himanshu Nigam, D.M.D.

Dr. Nigam graduated in 1998 with D.M.D. from University of Pennsylvania, one of the top dental schools in the country. At the University he graduated in the top 25% of the class with honors in various courses.

Prior to that, he had earned his BDS, Bachelors in Dental Surgery, from the University of Delhi, a prestigious university in India. He earned various accolades and graduated in the top three positions of the dental school in India.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania he associated with a dental practice of Dr. Oren’s in Pennsylvania for two and half years, when he honed his skills and got tremendous exposure and experience in treating TMD patients with Dr. Oren who specialized in TMD. He moved to Washington State in 2001 and has situated himself with his wife and two kids in Gig Harbor. He has serviced the needs of his patients from 2001-2006 in the Kitsap Peninsula area and now in Puyallup from 2006 to present. He developed the practice in Puyallup with patient comfort in mind. He has spent his resources in attaining cutting-edge education and technology for the practice, by incorporating digital Radiography, laser cavity detection system, and Waterlase MD, to further the approach of minimally invasive dentistry. His core values of comfort, quality care, and compassion are the guiding principles to attain his vision. He maintains active memberships in ADA, WSDA, PC DA, and AGD.

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