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Technology is important in life, and it is just as important to your dental care. If you choose a dentist with advanced technology, then you can receive the highest quality of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry procedures near Puyallup, WA. Advanced dental technology can provide better-fitting tooth crowns, less-invasive cavity removals, and clearer pictures of your teeth, gums, and internal jaw. Here is a better look at how technology can change your dental experience and provide better dental care:

If you need a new tooth crown, then a dental office with CEREC technology can provide a quick and efficient experience. CEREC technology uses dental scans and 3D printing to provide a well-fitting crown that can be placed on the same day. A Biolase WaterLase dental laser is another piece of technology that can correct tooth decay with less pain and invasion. In addition to these crucial pieces of dental technology, your dental office may also use advanced dental x-rays and scans. Advanced scanning technology can identify internal infections or issues with your teeth and gums. Ask your dental office about available dental technology and how it can benefit you.

Dental technology