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Although adult braces in Puyallup, WA are becoming more and more common, it’s still best to treat oral health issues early on. There are many oral health problems that may develop early in life, so it’s a good idea to consult with your General Dentist or bring your kids to see an orthodontist at a relatively young age. Check out this video clip for surprising signs that your child needs braces.

Even though your child might not have any visible oral health problems by the age of 7, it’s still wise to visit the orthodontist. However, there are a few signs you should be aware of in case your child does display any of them. Kids who have crowded teeth or suck their thumbs or fingers may need braces. Those who lose their baby teeth abnormally early or late might also benefit from a trip to the orthodontist’s office. Fortunately, modern braces are comfortable and discreet.