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Dentists are always looking for new ways to make treatments more effective and more comfortable for patients. Laser treatments allow dentists to do just that. At Bella Smiles Dentistry, we use the Biolase WaterLase Hard Water Dental Laser and the Picasso Soft Tissue Dental Laser so our patients can experience the benefits of dental care using lasers.

Lasers have far-reaching uses in dentistry and can treat everything from tooth decay to gum disease and tooth discoloration. They can also be used to remove lesions and tissue for biopsy and to treat painful canker sores. For patients, lasers are a minimally invasive option and generally provide pain-free treatment, so there is less need for anesthesia. Patients appreciate getting fewer shots and getting dental care without the use of a drill. Lasers also reduce bleeding and soft tissue damage, so there is less post-treatment discomfort than with other treatments. For tooth decay, lasers preserve more of the healthy tooth than drilling, so that patients can have smaller fillings and fewer future complications.

dental laser