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CEREC is a revolutionary dental technology that has brought instant relief to patients across the country. Dentists can use CEREC technology to offer same day crowns to fix a tooth in Puyallup, WA. This is an exceptional tool that can correct dental trauma, address a cosmetic dentistry issue, and provide long-lasting dental crowns to every patient who needs them. Let’s look at the many advantages that come with CEREC dental restorations.

  • Dentists take digital scans of patients’ teeth and mouths to create accurate veneers or dental crowns. Patients are no longer required to use uncomfortable and odorous impression materials.
  • There is no need for patients to wear a temporary dental crown for a week or more until their permanent restoration arrives. CEREC creates the permanent fixture during the same day as the appointment.
  • The dental crown material is made from a biocompatible ceramic material. It is tooth-colored, metal-free, and plaque-resistant.
  • Dental crowns are extremely accurate, which helps the dentist save more of the tooth and produces a more attractive restoration.

teeth crown