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CEREC is a revolutionary dental technology that has brought instant relief to patients across the country. Dentists can use CEREC technology to offer same day crowns to fix and restore damaged teeth. This is an exceptional tool that can correct dental trauma, address a cosmetic dentistry issue, and provide long-lasting dental crowns to every patient who needs them.

Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Dental Crown Restorations

Let’s look at the many advantages that come with CEREC dental restorations.

  • Dentists take digital scans of patients’ teeth and mouths to create accurate veneers or dental crowns. Patients are no longer required to use uncomfortable and odorous impression materials.
  • There is no need for patients to wear a temporary dental crown for a week or more until their permanent restoration arrives. CEREC creates the permanent fixture during the same day as the appointment.
  • The dental crown material is made from a biocompatible ceramic material. It is tooth-colored, metal-free, and plaque-resistant.
  • Dental crowns are extremely accurate, which helps the dentist save more of the tooth and produces a more attractive restoration.
  • CEREC dental crowns are natural-looking. The porcelain used is shaded to match the color of your natural teeth and with same-day crowns we can often achieve better, more natural-looking results so you will have a lot of control over the crown’s color.
  • They preserve more of the healthy tooth material.
  • No messy dental impressions are needed when you use CEREC. Traditional crowns require the use of impression trays to capture the shape and alignment of your teeth. These trays are messy, bulky and uncomfortable. CEREC technology eliminates the need for these trays.
  • Get your dental crown in a SINGLE visit to the dental office.
  • CEREC crowns are strong. Sometimes the perception is that crowns crafted in a single day are less quality than traditional dental crowns but this is not true. CEREC dental restorations are made from strong, durable porcelain and are just as strong as traditional crowns.
  • SAVES  YOU TIME. Getting your restoration done in a single dentist visit saves you time. Less time off work, less travel time, less time in traffic.

Single Visit Dentistry – Only CEREC Makes It Happen

In the past, creating a dental crown required multiple visits to the dentist office. Plus, it took longer, about 2 weeks, to get your permanent crown. First you had to prep the tooth for the crown then you had to take an impression of the prepped tooth. Next, the impression was sent off-site to a dental lab to be crafted. During this time, you would have to wear a temporary crown. Once the crown was complete, the dental lab would send it to your dentist’s office and you would come in for your second appointment to get it placed. Thanks to CEREC there is a much better way to do this that provides you with your permanent crown in a single visit.

The CEREC Technology Difference

With CEREC, the dental lab is now effectively inside your dentists office because the CEREC machine is its own dedicated on-site dental mill and lab. The tooth gets prepped the same way you would for traditional crowns but then they take a digital impression of the tooth instead of having to use messy dental trays to get the impression. Using an advanced computer system, a custom crown can be devised and adjusted.

Next, the information is sent to the CEREC milling unit which creates the crown at the practice using a block of dental porcelain. Upon completion of the milling, the dentist places the custom crown on the tooth.

Get Natural-Looking, Durable Crowns

The block of porcelain will closely resemble your natural tooth structure and color. This means you can laugh, smile, and speak without anyone knowing you have a dental crown. Plus, the CEREC same-day crowns are not great looking they are strong and durable. You can eat your favorite foods without worrying about chipping or cracking of your crown.

CEREC dental crowns have really changed the way dentists approach restorative dentistry. They have revolutionized the dental crown procedure by enabling dentists to create dental crowns in their office which makes it an ideal option for both dentists and patients.

Give us a call today at 253.845.7645 to schedule your new patient appointment at BellaSmiles Dentistry in Puyallup, WA for same-day CEREC dental crowns.