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Gum recession can lead to various dental conditions, such as teeth sensitivity and cavities. Patients concerned with gum recession should see their dentist near Puyallup, WA right away. If this gum condition is not monitored by a dentist or periodontist, then it could lead to gum disease, infected root canals, and lost teeth. Continue reading to learn more about gum recession.

As seen in the short video, gum recession can be caused by trauma to the gums, unhealthy tooth positions, and genetics. Each of these causes may lead to other dental conditions, such as increased tooth decay. Gum recession can be prevented by using a soft toothbrush and healthy, daily dental care habits. If gum recession does occur, then a dentist may suggest different procedures—such as deep cleanings and gum grafting—to address the health and appearance of the gums and teeth.