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Whether you are a teenager or adult, it is never too late to correct your teeth alignment in Puyallup, WA. If your teeth are misaligned, then you could suffer from more than an embarrassment; your oral, dental, and overall health could suffer significantly over time. Dental braces—like Invisalign and traditional braces—are required to straighten your teeth and correct your health for the future. Watch the video to learn more about how important correct teeth alignment is to your health.

If you leave your misaligned teeth without treatment, then you are at greater risk to develop tooth decay, gum disease, and even heart attacks. Crooked or widely-spaced teeth make it more difficult to conduct daily dental care, which can lead to advanced gum disease, root canal infections, tooth extractions, and eventual heart disease due to increased bacteria. To avoid these problems, speak with your dentist about dental braces right away.