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If the structural integrity of your tooth has been compromised due to trauma, decay, or illness, you should find a dentist in your area who offers same day crowns near Puyallup, WA. While most restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures require multiple visits to the dentist, a same-day crown procedure allows you to be fitted for a dental crown, and have it placed, on the same day. Same day dental crowns are long-lasting dental crowns that improve your oral health and your smile in just a matter of hours.

Same day crown services save you a lot of time, because your dentist can take dental images and then utilize in-office technology and equipment to fashion your dental crown while you wait. The technology that your dentist uses is also extremely advanced, so you are guaranteed a much more precise and comfortable fit for your porcelain crown.

The 3D digital images that your dentist will take to determine the size and shape of your crown also eliminate the need for messy, uncomfortable, and time-consuming dental impressions. Because same day crowns are placed in just one office visit, you minimize the discomfort of your dental problem, and reduce the risk that you will develop further tooth problems while waiting for your crown to be ready.

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