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A missing tooth can plague your oral health with a variety of different problems, but same-day crowns in Puyallup, WA can help to reverse them. A fast dental crown will improve your smile and allow you to enjoy top oral health without the waiting period. This is all possible thanks to CEREC technology and a few different materials with which same-day crowns can be made. The patient will be left with a healthy, rejuvenated smile that he or she can be proud to show off. Keep reading for more on the technology behind same-day crowns.

CEREC Technology

Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now receive a new dental crown—and a brand new smile—in just one sitting. This type of treatment actually only takes about an hour thanks to computer imaging techniques and clean, concise procedures. CEREC same-day crowns allow you to skip the temporary crown portion of the treatment, so you can leave the dentist’s office feeling more comfortable and confident than ever. After removing any existing decay, your dental professional will take 3D images of your teeth and create your same-day crown right there in the office.

Available Materials

A handful of different types of materials can be used in the fabrication of dental crowns. You’ll want to choose a dentist that offers porcelain, porcelain fused metal, and gold crowns. When it comes to same-day crowns, many dentists prefer to stick with porcelain. A full porcelain same-day crown will look as similar as possible to your natural teeth, and it will offer the durability you need for a lifetime of proper oral health.

Benefits for the Patient

The obvious benefits that same-day crowns offer is the ability to show off your smile with confidence sooner rather than later. However, CEREC technology affords a multitude of other benefits as well. Same-day crowns created with CEREC technology look just like your natural teeth, and they enjoy the same strength as your existing teeth. Your CEREC same-day crowns will also strengthen your other teeth, so you might need fewer restorations in the future.

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