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Cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening treatment and dental veneers in Puyallup, WA can both leave you with a brighter, younger-looking smile, but it is your responsibility to keep your teeth nice and shiny. As long as you avoid certain habits and practice proper dental hygiene, you should not have too much trouble holding onto your impressive results. Feel free to continue reading if you are interested in learning how to maintain your whiter teeth with cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening treatment is a popular way to brighten your smile and undo any discoloration that has occurred over the years. Some people might not respond to teeth whitening, however, in which case veneers may be a better choice. Regardless of how you whiten your teeth, you should know how to maintain your results. People typically suffer from discolored teeth because of what they consume and the lifestyle choices they make. If you want to keep your teeth nice and white, it helps to stay away from tobacco use. You should also be careful when you drink coffee or wine and make sure your enamel is not overexposed to these strongly pigmented beverages. It is also essential to brush and floss your teeth each day to maintain your results.

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