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The sooner you have your chipped, broken, or missing teeth restored, the quicker you can go back to enjoying your oral health and your appearance. Dental implants, same-day crowns, and dental veneers in Puyallup, WA are all viable solutions for missing or broken teeth, but the right choice for your needs will depend on your individual circumstances. If you need one or more of your teeth restored, don’t hesitate to talk to your dentist about potential treatment options. Read on if you would like to take a look at common methods for restoring teeth.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can really throw a wrench in the gears when it comes to oral health; they can contribute to bone loss as well as make it more difficult for your remaining teeth to stay in place. If you are looking to restore your missing teeth, you might want to consider talking to your dentist about dental implants. A dental implant is installed directly into your gum and serves to replace both the root and crown of the tooth that has been lost. Your new restoration can fill out your smile, keep your natural teeth in place, and bolster your overall oral health.

Same-Day Crowns

The crown of your tooth is the part that you can see. It is covered in enamel and also includes the dentin and pulp, which contains the tooth’s nerves. If one of your teeth is badly damaged or worn down, your dentist might suggest a dental crown. This type of treatment adds more surface area to your tooth and comes with both practical and aesthetic advantages. Thanks to same-day crowns, you won’t have to wait too long to start enjoying your revitalized smile.

Dental Veneers

Like same-day crowns, dental veneers cover your existing teeth in order to make speaking, eating, and smiling more comfortable. Your oral health professional will place veneers over your teeth in order to fix issues like cracks and chips. Dental veneers can also be a great choice for those who want whiter teeth but don’t respond properly to teeth whitening treatments.

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