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If you are in a hurry to get your teeth fixed up, look into same day crowns near Puyallup. A new tooth crown can enhance your smile, boost your confidence, and improve your oral health all at the same time. This type of dental treatment will only address certain issues, however, so it’s wise to talk to your dentist to find out if same day crowns are right for you. CEREC technology allows your dentist to create a permanent crown on the spot so you can enjoy your results as soon as possible.

Is a Dental Crown Right for You?

A broken, damaged, or worn down tooth can take a toll on your smile, but a dental crown may be just what you need to restore you to your natural beauty. Dental crowns can also be used to cover dental implants, replace missing teeth, or offer support to your natural teeth. The only way to tell if a dental crown is right for your needs, however, is to talk to your dentist. Your dentist may decide that you do need a dental crown, and CEREC technology can make the process a breeze.

Advantages of CEREC

Modern technology has transformed dentistry on a number of different levels, and it has offered substantial benefits to patients. Thanks to CEREC technology, you can now have a dental crown created and placed in just one visit to the dentist’s office. This is particularly advantageous for those who have difficulty finding time to make it in for regular appointments. CEREC crowns are made to look just like your natural teeth, and they feel natural as well. They also allow you to skip the temporary prosthetics that often come with dental crown treatment.

How It Works

CEREC dental crown treatment starts like any other: With a consultation. Your dentist will use high-tech imaging techniques to create a model of your crown, which will then be used to create your real crown. Your dentist will typically create and place your crown within two hours.

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