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There are a few different possibilities when it comes to dentures. Your dentist office near Puyallup will recommend the best choices for you when the time comes. Until then, here is a brief look at the types of dentures your dentist might suggest.

Your dentist may give you the option to have a mold or scan done of your entire mouth before receiving your dentures. This procedure allows for your dentures to be complete before you have your teeth removed. After the extraction surgery, you will go home with your new dentures so you won’t have any downtime without teeth available. These are called immediate full dentures, and, as your mouth heals, you will have to follow up visits to refit and shape the dentures to your healing mouth.

Another option might be conventional full dentures. These dentures are only placed after the gum tissue has completely healed. Since the healing process could take several months, you would not have teeth for this time. Depending on your dental care, you may only need partial dentures. This option would be utilized if only some of your teeth have been removed.