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Teens can be easily embarrassed, especially at school and around their friends. Invisalign offers a solution to one of the more embarrassing milestones of adolescence—braces. If your teenager needs dental braces near Puyallup, consider investing in Invisalign. Here is a brief look at the advantages your teen will have with Invisalign:

Discrete Treatment

Instead of metal wires and brackets cluttering your teen’s mouth, Invisalign braces are clear and thin solutions to straightening teeth. The process involves a series of plastic aligners that are custom made to your teen’s mouth; over the course of several months, these aligners will slowly move the teeth into the desired position. The aligners are almost invisible, so your teen can smile with confidence.

Easy Eating

One of the inconvenient aspects of traditional braces is the inability to eat certain foods, like caramel, gum, and popcorn. Invisalign aligners are removable at any time, so teens and adults can easily eat anything they want. Invisalign wearers are encouraged to keep their aligners in as much as possible, day and night, but when they eat, they should remove the aligners. This will protect the aligners and give the patient access to more food choices.

Simple Dental Care

An annoying part of dental care while wearing metal braces is properly brushing and flossing. The floss has to be weaved through the wires for every tooth, and the braces have to be brushed and cleared of food debris, as well as the teeth. With Invisalign, your teen’s dental care doesn’t have to falter or decline. They would simply remove their aligners and start brushing and flossing. They don’t have to worry about discolored teeth, broken brackets, or replacing wires. In addition to consistent dental care, your teen won’t have to worry about playing sports and possibly injuring their gums or teeth during a game. Teens are encouraged to wear their aligners at all times, with no risk to cutting their gums on bulky, sharp brackets.