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If it has been a while since your last visit to a dentist office near Puyallup, you may be unaware of how important routine dental exams can be to your oral and overall health. Most people know that dentists examine your teeth and gums during a visit, but dentists can also catch early signs of other physiological issues. In fact, your dentist may begin your visit by examining your face, neck, and lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes can indicate many issues that you may wish to bring to the attention of your general practitioner. Flags for other physiological conditions, such as diabetes and vitamin deficiencies, may be visible to your dentist throughout the examination.

An oral examination is key to ensuring proper dental care. An oral exam usually generally entails your dentist examining your gums and looking for signs of gum disease. Your dentist will check for loose teeth and broken teeth. He or she will also check your tongue and the tissue inside of your mouth. Checking your bite is an important aspect of your dental visit and may require X-rays to assist your dentist in gaining a visual understanding of what exists below the surface of your gums.

dental exams