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People lose teeth for many different reasons such as tooth decay and trauma, but there are also several ways to replace them. Implants, dentures, and dental bridges in Puyallup are all suitable treatments for missing teeth. Lost teeth that are not replaced may cause a decline in your oral health a well as a change in the appearance of your face. Read on if you are wondering if you should replace your missing teeth.

Drifting and Resorption
Each one of your teeth plays a significant role in your oral health, and yet many people underestimate the importance of an individual tooth. When a tooth is knocked out or removed, a gap is created. Without the original tooth holding this place, neighboring teeth are more likely to wander into the newly opened area through a process called drifting. This can lead to crooked teeth, misalignment, and other oral complications that may require further restorations. Missing teeth can also lead to resorption, which is another process that reduces the quality of your oral health. Each of your teeth has a root that anchors it to the jawbone, and this stimulation keeps the jaw healthy. When you fail to replace a missing tooth, your jaw may gradually lose bone mass.

Aesthetic Changes
A missing front tooth tends to not only be noticeable but even eye-catching and distracting. Many individuals choose to replace these teeth with dental crowns or implants. Missing teeth can also lead to changes in the appearance of your face; as you lose bone mass in your jaw, your facial structure may be affected. Talk to your dentist about possible treatment plans so that you can continue to look your best and enjoy a full and confident smile.

Selection of Treatments
Replacing your teeth is easier than ever thanks to modern dental treatments and techniques. When you approach your dentist about your missing teeth, he or she may suggest a number of procedures. Depending on your circumstances you may be interested in partial or full dentures, a set of dental implants, or a bridge that uses implants for support.

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