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If you have bite or tooth spacing issues but have been avoiding treatment because you don’t want to wear metal braces, ask Dr. Nigam about Invisalign solutions available to the Puyallup community. Invisalign offers an alternative to braces and delivers the same great results as other orthodontic treatments without the aesthetic concerns of wearing brackets and wires. When you’re comparing Invisalign and braces, talk to Dr. Nigam about your treatment goals and your lifestyle. If you are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of braces, or if you would rather not alter your eating habits or oral hygiene routine, then Invisalign could be the right solution for you. Find out more about Invisalign in this infographic from Bella Smiles Family Dentistry. Visit BellaSmiles Dentistry located in Puyallup to learn more about which kinds of orthodontic treatment may be right for you. Please share this information with other people who are looking for ways to improve their smiles.

invisalign treatment infographic