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Visiting your dentist near Puyallup is not always easy, even if you are just going in for a simple teeth whitening treatment. You might have a packed schedule, or you may feel anxiety regarding dental procedures. Fortunately, Dr. Himanshu Nigam makes it easy to keep your appointments and helps you stay motivated to take care of your oral health. Continue reading if you would like a brief introduction on Dr. Himanshu Nigam before you meet him in person.

Not only did Dr. Himanshu Nigam graduate from one of the best dental schools in America, he was in the top quarter of his class while doing so. Before graduating from University of Pennsylvania with a D.M.D. in 1998, Dr. Nigam attended University of Delhi and earned his Bachelors in Dental Surgery. He worked closely with Dr. Orens, who specialized in TMD, after earning his D.M.D. In 2001 he made the move to Washington with his family. He worked in the Kitsap Peninsula area until 2006, when he came to the Puyallup area. Dr. Nigam is most concerned with keeping his patients comfortable and staying up to date on all of the latest techniques and technologies that he can employ in the field.