Galileos 3-D Digital X-Rays

The Galileos 3-D Digital X-ray system enables your dentist to provide you with more effective—and more comfortable—dental care than ever before. You can always depend on being treated with the best and most advanced dental procedures and equipment when you come to BellaSmiles Dentistry. Our office proudly serves our home of Puyallup, WA, as well as the surrounding community.

What is the Galileos 3-D Digital X-ray system?

The Galileos 3-D Digital X-ray system is an imaging machine that allows your dentist to take comprehensive X-rays of your teeth and jaw. The process is simple and straightforward: You’ll bite down on a plate and hold your position for 20 seconds. While you’re biting, the machine will scan your head and generate more than 200 images—in just 14 seconds! The images only take about another 10 minutes to develop. Once the images are clear, your dentist will have access to a vivid three-dimensional picture of your jaw and oral cavity. The images can also be saved for future reference.

What are the benefits of the Galileos 3-D Digital X-ray system?

  • The procedure can be done quickly in your dentist’s office, and the images are available for use right away, which speeds up treatment.
  • The 3D images of the Galileos X-ray system offer more detail than traditional X-rays, which means that they are more useful for diagnosing problems and planning effective treatments.
  • The level of detail provided by the images means that they can be used to diagnose problems that traditional X-rays could not identify, such as sinus issues and disorders such as sleep apnea.
  • Your dentist can use the images generated by the Galileos X-ray system to evaluate the density of your jawbone, which is important if you are considering dental implants or another procedure that requires strong supporting bone structure.
  • The Galileos X-ray system also emits less radiation than traditional X-ray machines, which helps to protect the health of our patients.

BellaSmiles Dentistry offers a wide range of dental services at our state-of-the-art clinic in Puyallup, WA. Whether you’re in Puyallup or a nearby city such as Seattle, you can always find the exceptional dental care you’re looking for at our office. Our caring and compassionate staff works to make sure that every patient is comfortable during each visit, and we offer sedation dentistry for anyone with dental phobia. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (253) 845-7645.

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