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How We Use Intraoral Cameras to Improve Your Care

Modern cosmetic dentistry in Puyallup, WA is all about figuring out how to offer patients the best oral care while keeping them as comfortable and confident as possible. At BellaSmiles Dentistry, ...
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Shining a Light on Lasers in Dentistry: Biolase and the Picasso Laser

Dentists are always looking for new ways to make treatments more effective and more comfortable for patients. Laser treatments allow dentists to do just that. At Bella Smiles Dentistry, we use the ...
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Why You Should Choose BellaSmiles Dentistry for Dental Implant Placement

Receiving dental implants in Puyallup, WA can change your life for the better. You can receive full or partial dentures or a dental crown to fix your lost teeth. However, you need to feel confident in ...
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Our Top Tips for Recovering from Oral Surgery

While the actual oral surgery is the part that people typically stress out about, the way you handle the recovery process will play a role in the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Cosmetic ...
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Comparing Invisalign, Metal Braces, and Ceramic Braces

Today’s dentists and orthodontists can offer several different kinds of dental braces in Puyallup, WA, and each option has its own advantages. In order to figure out which kind of braces will be ...
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How Is Gum Disease Detected?

Gum disease is a common problem, and dental braces in Puyallup, WA can make you more vulnerable if you’re not careful. To make the situation even trickier, it can be difficult to notice the ...
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How Crooked Teeth Can Impact Your Health

Whether you are a teenager or adult, it is never too late to correct your teeth alignment in Puyallup, WA. If your teeth are misaligned, then you could suffer from more than embarrassment; your oral, ...
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The Technology Behind Same-Day Crowns

A missing tooth can plague your oral health with a variety of different problems, but same-day crowns in Puyallup, WA can help to reverse them. A fast dental crown will improve your smile and allow ...
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How to Maintain Your Whiter Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening treatment and dental veneers in Puyallup, WA can both leave you with a brighter, younger looking smile, but it is your responsibility to keep your teeth nice and ...
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A Look at Common Methods for Restoring Teeth

The sooner you have your chipped, broken, or missing teeth restored, the quicker you can go back to enjoying your oral health and your appearance. Dental implants, same-day crowns, and dental veneers ...
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Learn More About Same Day Restorations

When your dentist provides you with same day crowns, he may use the Sirona CEREC Omnicam for your procedure. In this video, you will be able to see the Sirona CEREC Omnicam in action. The Sirona CEREC ...
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Taking Care of Your Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a fantastic alternative to same day crowns or partial dentures. During a dental veneer procedure, your dentist will apply an extremely thin layer of porcelain to the exterior of ...
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Who Should Consider Dental Implants?

A missing tooth can dramatically impact the quality of your smile. If you have one or more missing teeth, it may be time to set up an appointment at an office that provides cosmetic dentistry in ...
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A Look at Your Treatment with Invisalign

If you are seeking a gentle and effective method for transforming your smile, you may want to talk to your dentist about Invisalign. Unlike conventional dental braces, Invisalign braces are designed ...
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Reasons to Choose Invisalign for Your Smile

If you’re tired of worrying about your crooked teeth each time you smile, then you may benefit from Invisalign serving Puyallup. This orthodontic treatment uses a series of clear aligners that ...
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A Beautiful Smile at Any Age

With the broad range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry options available, your dentist in Puyallup can help you enjoy a beautiful smile no matter your age. Watch this video to learn more about ...
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Spotlight on CEREC Technology

If your dentist has recommended veneers, implants, or crowns for your teeth, then you may benefit from CEREC near Puyallup. This revolutionary dental technology offers patients new levels of comfort ...
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Taking Care of Your Invisalign Aligners

If you are interested in undergoing discreet treatment in order to enjoy a straighter, healthier smile, talk to your dentist about Invisalign. This type of orthodontic dental care makes use of ...
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What's Causing Your Bad Breath?

A dentist in Puyallup sees many patients who suffer from bad breath. As you will learn in this video, it is important to tell your dentist about chronic bad breath, as it can be a sign of more serious ...
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Essential Toothpaste Ingredients

Proper dental care in Puyallup involves seeing your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, as well as brushing and flossing at home. Have you ever wondered what is in the toothpaste that you use ...
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How Tooth Whitening Works

Stained or yellow teeth are a serious concern for many dental patients. If you are worried about stains on your teeth, you may want to talk to your dentist about your tooth whitening options. While ...
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What Sets Bella Smiles Dentistry Apart?

Choosing a dentist in Puyallup is one of the most important decisions that you can make for your overall health and wellbeing. When you are seeking a new dentist, you should be sure to consider ...
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Improve Your Smile With Bonding

Dental bonding is a form of cosmetic dentistry in Puyallup used to improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, stained, cracked, or that have gaps in between them. Bonding improves your smile by ...
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How Dental Implants Can Benefit You

If a dentist near you has recommended that you get dental implants near Puyallup, you may be wondering about the benefits of this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Dental implants are used to replace a ...
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Reasons to Smile about Same-Day Crowns [INFOGRAPHIC]

If your dentist recommends crowns, there is a good chance you’re going to envision multiple appointments and a lengthy wait with an uncomfortable temporary crown. While that once was the reality ...
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