Tips for Adults Who Are Considering Braces

You might have wanted dental braces in Puyallup, WA when you were younger, but didn’t want to deal with the big metal brackets that came with traditional orthodontics. While these old braces were distracting and uncomfortable, they’re not representative of what’s available now. Modern adult braces are much different, and you’ll have options to choose from. No matter which route you take, remember to follow your dentist’s instructions to get the best results out of your treatment. Here are a few tips for adults who are considering braces. adult - braces

Know Your Options

The beauty of modern cosmetic dentistry is that there’s a lot more to offer now than there was in the past. Back in the days of bulky brackets and wires, you had to take a bit of a cosmetic hit before you could start enjoying your new smile at the end of treatment. That’s no longer the case with modern dental care. Now you can choose between more discreet metal braces and virtually invisible Invisalign braces. Today’s adult braces are smaller and more appealing than they used to be, and Invisalign can keep your treatment a secret the whole time.

Clean Braces Carefully

If you decide to go with conventional adult braces, you need to be thorough when you clean them. Even though the wires and brackets are smaller and less invasive than they used to be, they are still prone to trapping food debris and bacteria against your teeth. This contributes to other issues like tooth decay and gum disease. If you want your teeth to still be healthy when you get your braces removed, you need to stay on top of your dental hygiene routine.

Use Aligners Regularly

Maintenance is a little easier for those who go with Invisalign braces. Since you can take out your aligners whenever you want to, you can take care of your teeth the way you normally would. Don’t take too much advantage of the fact that your aligners are removable, though, and keep them in for about 22 hours per day.

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